Week 15 Artist Conversation – Patricia Martin

Artist: Patricia Martin

Exhibition: Art Galleries Holiday Sale

Media: Clothing, accessories, zines

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: patriciamartinartist.com

Instagram: @patriciamartiart

Email: Patwove@aol.com

This week, the CSULB School of Art hosted a Holiday Art Sale. I wandered through all of the galleries, but Patricia Martin’s work in the Dutzi Gallery really caught my eye, 1. because her pieces were beautiful and 2. because, as I have already stated before, I am a Fashion Merchandising major. I noticed clothing hanging on the wall right away, so I was obviously tempted to go inside and check it out.

Inside, I discovered that Patricia is currently working on her Masters in Fine Arts at CSULB. As an undergraduate, she also worked on color reproduction. Year-round on the Central Coast, she works in her studio with groups of new weaving enthusiasts. Patricia works on looms that range from 4-shaft to 16-shaft computer assisted, and she described that her personal work is focused on yardage-based projects. Her latest works include ecclesiastical garments for an ordination anniversary and new church building celebration. She also explores the perception of weaving from traditional to contemporary icons in local solo shows. Patricia offers weekly and intensive classes either at Whispering Vista Studios near Avila Beach CA or by mutual arrangement, and new classes are are always being scheduled.

This week, some of Patricia’s pieces were displayed during the Holiday Art Sale, which included scarves, bags, shirts, dresses, socks, jewelry, pillows, and more. Patricia uses a variety of colors in her work, from neutrals to vibrants, which makes each piece unique and eye-catching. I really wanted to buy something because everything was so beautiful, but broke college student over here. Maybe next year! Overall, I really enjoyed the pieces Patricia had to display and sell. Check some of it out below!



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