Week 14 Classmate Conversation – Justin Pham

We’re back in ART 110 after what felt like the shortest Fall break ever! Still a little sleepy, but that’s okay.

So this week, I got to meet Justin Pham! Justin is in his third year here at Cal State Long Beach, and he is currently studying Kinesiology. He also shared that he wishes to be a personal trainer in the future.

The Question of the Week was: “Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036.” I think everybody’s mind kind of goes straight to technology after hearing that. That’s kind of what Justin and I discussed. We talked about how college students will probably be taking a lot more online classes and maybe even be “going to college” entirely from home. Students will probably not even have to go through the hassle of purchasing physical textbooks either because everything will be available online. It’s pretty weird to think about because 2036 is only twenty years away. A lot could happen during that time, so we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Well, if you want to keep up with Justin’s work, you can follow his blog here.

See ya next time!


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