Week 3 Classmate Conversation – Bunny Horn

Bunny and I down in the School of Art Galleries during Week 3.

What’s up, guys!

So we’re in week 3 here in ART 110, and this week, our class took our first trip down to the School of Art Galleries. During this class session, I got to chat with Bunny Horn.

First of all, Bunny! What an awesome name! I could honestly say I have never met another Bunny before, so she’s definitely memorable already. After chatting with her a bit, I learned that Bunny is from Long Beach, and she is in her second year here at Long Beach State. Bunny’s major is Pre-Kinesiology…

Bunny said that one of her favorite hobbies is listening to K-Pop. She also mentioned that she had some previous experiences with art when she took some drawing and painting classes back in 6th grade. I found that pretty interesting because that was around the time that I started getting really interested in art, too.

Moving forward, Bunny mentioned that she would like to explore with all kinds of art, not just painting an drawing. “Art is all around us,” she said. That’s a pretty cool way to look at it because you can get inspiration from pretty much anything!

The Question of the Week for Week 3 was: “What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today?” When I asked Bunny this question, she said that the type of art that has had the most influence on her today was music and drama. Music is something that is really powerful to a lot of people, and it can bring out so many different emotions.

I had a great time getting to know Bunny this week, and I can’t wait to see what she can produce in ART 110 this semester!

If you want to check out some of the work Bunny has done so far this semester, check out her blog here.


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