Week 2 Classmate Conversation – Leslie Meza


Hey everybody!

So for Week 2 in Art 110, I got to chat a little bit with Leslie (minus the doggy Snapchat filter this week). I had met her during our first class meeting, but we got to know each other a little better this week. I found out that Leslie is from Los Angeles and her major is Psychology. I’m hoping that I can take some Psychology classes in the future because I have always found the study of human behavior to be super interesting. So maybe her and I will have some classes together again in the future. When it comes to her hobbies, I found out that Leslie and I share something in common: we both love watching Forensic Files. There is something about those crime shows that is just so intriguing! I also found out that Leslie’s experience with art ranges from ceramics to metal tooling. When we were chatting about art and our experiences, Leslie said that her definition of “art” would be: “the combination of different items and colors.” I can’t wait to see the projects that Leslie comes up with this semester!

The Question of the Week for Week 2 was: “What emotion does the color Red bring up for you?” When I asked Leslie this question, she said that red makes her think romantic thoughts. However, her feelings about red can change according to her mood because she said she could also feel anger with this color. I definitely agree with her because, for me, red is either passionate and full of love or heated and full of anger.

If you want to check out some of the work Leslie has done so far this semester, check out her blog here.


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