Week 1 Art Experience – Plaster Casting

So for Week 1 in Art 110, our assignment was to do some plaster casting, and I was pretty excited to head to the beach and start. I really wanted to go on Saturday with the class so I could hang out with everybody and kind of see how their projects turned out, but I had a pretty busy schedule Saturday and Sunday. So I decided that since I didn’t have any Friday classes, I was going to head to the beach with my mom (yeah, she’s kinda my bestie) and get this project started!

My mom and I found a spot on the beach where there weren’t a lot of people, and I thought no one would come and bother us, but of course, as soon as we set up camp, a giant group of little boys decided to run around us, scream and yell, and throw wet sand at each other. So it definitely was not the peaceful, beach experience I was thinking it would be. But still, I got to work on my plaster casting.

I thought our location was a pretty good one, but I definitely underestimated the tide. I dug my hole, stuck my hand in, and my mom began to pack the sand back around my hand. Once I lifted my hand out, it was time to mix the plaster and fill the hole.

While waiting those 30 minutes for the plaster to thicken, my mom and I just sat on the beach, talked about our day, and tried to just relaxed while those little boys were running around us. However, we watched as the water got closer and close to where I put my plaster in the sand. I then realized that maybe we didn’t quite pick the best spot.

After those 30 minutes were up, we began to carefully dig out the buried hand, and luckily, it was all still in tact! The fingers look a little bent back (actually, a lot), but I think it came out pretty cool! I do wish that I had spread my fingers out a little more so I could turn this piece into a ring holder or something. But hey, I can always try it again!


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